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Appeal Media Group is a group of experienced web and app developers, e-commerce experts, branding specialists, film and television Creatives, Producers and Advertising Executives who are dedicated to helping businesses succeed online. 

Your Ideas

  Our Motto

To meet our clients’ concerns in the rapidly advancing world of technology, we collaborate with ambitious clients to develop sustainable products and novel solutions.

Appeal Media Group

Why Choose Us

  • Building the future with ideas
  • A blend of innovation and creativity
  • Nurture and develop your concepts
  • Content your customers worn’t forget

We Develop Unique Projects

We strive to create projects that are not just unique, but also provide a practical solution to the problem at hand.


We Value Convenience and Functionality

When developing a product, we strive to create an experience that is user-friendly while providing valuable functionality.


Experience Allows Us To Implement New Ideas

Experience is a powerful tool for creativity, as it allows us to take knowledge we have gained and use it to form new ideas and concepts.


We Offer Innovative Technologies

We offer innovative and cutting edge technologies that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their businesses.


We Focus On Long-Term Relationships

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and a commitment to deliver excellent service and results.

Design side


Our designers are born to create and trained to amaze. And it really shows. Our graphic team kills it. The perfect logo. The website that tells your story. The ultimate billboard. The ad that keeps drawing them in. Each design project, no matter what the application, reflects the individual and collective efforts of our highly creative team of artists.



We also recognise that the applications must compel people to act. Effective web and mobile applications are critical for everything. Just keep in mind that if you need an experienced cohesive team of designers, developers, branders, and writers to weave your new application, we are here to help.


Digital Marketing

If a big tree is ready to fall in your forest of opportunity, our promotional teams will be there before, during and after it falls. AMG utilizes all of its resources to ensure that our brands are consistently and uniquely connecting with current and future consumers and our athletes and artists are consistently interacting with current and future fans.

Meet our Team

Team Member

Robert Hayes III

Creative Director

Team Member

Rashawn Vaughn

Producer, Graphic/Web Designer

Team Member

Alyson Campbell

Media Correspondent

Team Member

Haipha Simon

Editor-In-Chief, Copy Editor


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