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ASO – The need of the hour

With all the reputed companies across the globe deciding to invest a large share in Apps, there
exists a strong competition in the market. The total number has risen to over 6 million in the
major app stores. In a nutshell, with each passing day it is becoming increasingly difficult to give
your app the exposure you deserve among the end users. The situation is such that an
inventive promotion strategy is essential for an App to make an impact in these times of heavy
competition where everyone is putting their best foot forward to woo the target segment that is
glued to their smartphones.

The emphasis on Apps have become stronger in recent times with all the major brands realizing
the role it could essay when it comes to the major facets such as Revenue Generation, User
Engagement and promotion of Brand Awareness.

A unique strategy that helps you navigate the cut throat competition with ease is undoubtedly
the need of the hour and App Store Optimization is undoubtedly the most effective step towards
achieving the same.

Objectives of ASO
App Store Optimization (ASO) also known as App Store SEO, and ASO marketing is a
technique which helps an App improve its ranking and visibility in the App store. The major
objective of ASO is to increase the downloads for an App and through it enhance the awareness
of the particular brand by stimulating user engagement

The Apple App Store and Google Play are among the two major app stores where ASO can be
used effectively to generate desired results. In addition to these two, it can also be used
effectively in other app stores such as Amazon Appstore, Samsung Galaxy Store, and Huawei

Visibility is of utmost importance as it is estimated that over 80 percentage of users discover
apps by browsing app stores or through customized recommendations of App stores

ASO is of utmost importance as it gives one a control over the App's visibility and
discoverability. Without ASO, the App's ranking and visibility is exclusively dependant on the
search engine of the App Store which need not always yield desired results.

Distinct approaches for various stores
Every app store and its associated competition vary from one another in terms of diverse
technical aspects, encompassing available categories and elements influencing rankings,
among others.
Comprehending the specific elements to focus on when optimizing for distinct stores is of
utmost importance.
Despite the proliferation of numerous app stores, a significant portion of users still gravitates
toward the utilization of the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Keyword research holds the key
Keywords constitute the core of every SEO strategy, and the same principle applies to ASO.
This process entails the exploration, aggregation, and assessment of keywords with the
capability to enhance the discoverability of a specific app.
Through skillful integration of keywords across every available field within app stores,
encompassing app names, URLs, and descriptions, apps can significantly enhance their
presence on popular search engines.

Change is the only constant
In a landscape where app stores undergo continuous transformation, the environment remains
fiercely competitive. This underscores the significance of ASO and emphasizes its continual integration into app marketing strategies.
Therefore, begin to uncover keywords that hold the highest potential, thereby amplifying your
app’s market prospects.

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