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Appeal Media Group is a group of film and television Creatives, Producers and Advertising Executives with over 75 combined years of experience and professionalism producing award winning and ground-breaking media products.

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Our designers were born to create and trained to amaze. And it really shows. Our graphic team kills it. The perfect logo. The website that tells your story. The ultimate billboard. The ad that keeps drawing them in. The package that says ‘buy me.’ Each design project, no matter what the application, reflects the individual and collective efforts of our highly creative team of artists.


We realize that first impressions always matter and that your website often provides that first impression. We also understand that websites must engage people to act. From enabling e-commerce to engaging emotions, from providing solutions to introducing artists, effective websites are critical. Just be reminded that when you want an experienced cohesive team of branders, writers, designer and coders, we are ready to weave your new web. And yes, trust us when we tell you, we are way, way better than your nephew who told you at his last birthday that he ‘makes’ websites.


We recognizes both the important role social media plays and the clutter that has resulted from its explosive growth. Masters of the ‘how, what, when and where’ of today’s hottest mediums, AMG utilizes all of its resources to ensure that our brands are consistently and uniquely connecting with current and future consumers and our athletes and artists are consistently interacting with current and future fans. We do not stop there, linear 30 second commercials are the sweet sauce that our creatives have spent careers in developing.


If a big tree is ready to fall in your forest of opportunity, our promotional teams will be there before, during and after it falls. At Appeal Media Group, we don’t only know promotions, we love promotions. Our clients call us lots of names. Guerillas. Noisemakers. Cheerleaders. Crowdbuilders and crowd controllers. Best of all, they keep calling us.

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